Eco Clipper FM4 Sport for sporting grounds

Eco Clipper, known for electric mowers for the turf industry, has introduced a special version for the maintenance of sports and recreational grounds. The 4.11m wide front mower features four independent cutting decks. For the FM4 Sport, the side decks can be folded in independently, allowing for narrow passages to be mowed.

The smooth decks with fast rotating small blades ensure a high quality cut and good clippings dispersion. The clippings are also spread well in wet grass. This makes it possible to schedule this mower almost independently of the weather.

The Eco Clipper mowers are further distinguished by the high possible mowing speed. This means that on average a sports field can be mowed in less than fifteen minutes with an Eco Clipper FM4 Sport.

To operate the mower a 40 HP tractor is already sufficient. The electricity to drive the mower is generated by a PTO driven generator. For larger tractors, the generator can be fitted on the front mower. For smaller tractors and optimized weight balance Eco Clipper offers a separate generator unit for behind the tractor.


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