ESP Panels extends the life of panel products

There has, up until now, not been a product that solves the problem of water penetration to the inner veneers of plywood which when wet cause the glue-line to fail. Following successful testing by BM TRADA we now have that product. Specifiers and architects can now once again have confidence in softwood plywood and panel products. No longer do you need to specify the more expensive hardwood marine grade ply. Simply apply ESP Panels and confidence can now be restored.

ESP Panels extends the life of panel products by creating a watertight seal around the edge of the boards, stopping moisture penetration to protect against delamination.

Ideal for external use and high-humidity areas. ESP is proven to make plywood last longer. The Plywood Sealant is applied to the bare edges (including freshly cut edges) of the plywood boards. A thick layer is painted down the edge with a 5mm overlap onto the flat surface. Ensure that any holes or air pockets are completely covered. This can be done by working the sealant along the edge, back and forth with a paintbrush.

Available in all good Timber Merchants or contact us today if you too would like to become a stockist.