For all of your timber requirements from large to small

If you are looking for first rate craftsmanship for your bespoke carpentry requirements, then look no further than Truro-based Timbabuild Structures. The amazing range of services on offer and the superb quality of the work, has prompted us to select Timbabuild Structures as the recipient of our Timber Build Products & Services Award.

The company was set up in 1991 by Managing Director Paul Harvey. Paul commented that, “I started out in the construction industry as a site carpenter back in 1989 and opened my own business following the completion of my City and Guilds Advance Craft Apprenticeship, under the name of P Harvey Carpentry and Building, then I changed to Timbabuild Structures in 2020.”

Timbabuild Structures has a very clear business objective, that is to provide fully bespoke timber builds for its clients, including things that customers would struggle to find either on the high street or online. The company offers to build all things timber, including bespoke garden rooms, offices, gyms, games rooms, bars, gazebos, decking, furniture, ponds, recycling points, planters, and gates, as a basic list. However, if you require something a little different, then Timbabuild Structures has the skills to build it! Everything is purpose built and handmade for clients. This is the secret behind the success of Timbabuild Structures.

Paul reiterated that the individual product tailoring offered by the company is crucial, “we just do what the client wants, we are working for them, to give them what they want, not what we want. After all it’s for them, not for us. As long as it is legal, complies with regulations, and is possible, we will do it.”

Paul commented that the company’s method of dealing with their clients personally, helps it to stand
out from other similar businesses.
He said that, “we provide a fully open and transparent operation from start to finish. Our clients get to see all of the quotes, Invoices, reports, a daily site diary, images and videos – everything connected with their project, nothing is hidden.”

Timbabuild structures work transparently, sharing everything to an online sharing folder, which clients have full access to. The folder contains a programme and schedule of works and information, all available for the client. There is also a fully open finance tracker, which contains all of the transactions associated with the project.Whatever the value of the contract; Paul and his team take a personal approach to ensure that they deliver exactly what their client needs. The company offers custom made solutions, providing sketches, and creating designs to ensure that every client receives the right solution, based on their individual requirements.

Each property that Timbabuild Structures build, goes through what the company call a ‘Dry Fit’ process in its workshops. This very important procedure guarantees a ‘right first time’ benefit for the client, as when it arrives on site all tweaks have been eliminated in the workshop.Continuing the company’s open-door policy, Timbabuild Structures also operates a system in which clients can prearrange an appointment and watch their ideal dream build, come to life.Thanks to this, the client has full control and can implement any changes, at any stage throughout the whole process.

Looking to the future, Paul is very pleased to be taking on a new apprentice to help to develop the work further. Due to the COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions, the company saw a significant increase in clients wanting to spend money on their own homes.This provided an upturn in sales and business, enabling the company to continue to grow and expand.
One of its latest expansions include within its team, with the recent appointment of an apprentice which will enable the company to continue expanding and gain even further opportunities for developing their products.

Indeed, the surge in sales and expansion of its team, has helped to position the company firmly at the forefront of its industry, and made them a worthy recipient of our Products & Services award. Paul stated that Timbabuild Structures are very pleased to win this award, and it is a testament to the company’s hard work, adding that, “we are very proud to show it off, as it proves that we care about what we do. As we look to the future, our intention is to keep doing what we are doing and to keep providing a great service for our clients.”

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