Innovative ‘floating’ solutions

Building & Construction Review is proud to present Bartels & Vedder BV with our Commitment to Excellence Award for its ongoing innovative developments in the construction industry.

The founders of Bartels & Vedder, Jelle Vedder and Chiel Bartels started in 2004 with building floating structures on water with the firm Aqua Life Nederland bv. The engineering firm Bartels & Vedder BV itself was founded in 2011 by Jelle Vedder and Chiel Bartels to find appropriate answers to existing technical problems.

Today, Bartels & Vedder BV is known as one of the best interdisciplinary engineering and consultancy agencies that specialise in innovative solutions for the construction, industry and offshore sectors. Bartels & Vedder BV is a collaboration that has led to a strong team of specialists who use integrated and interdisciplinary approaches to traditional construction, infrastructure, non-residential construction, offshore and floating projects.

“At Bartels & Vedder BV, we pride ourselves on working as a team with specialists from feasibility studies to actual realisation of the project, working on innovations and making buildings possible. This all comes from a practical sense and with realistic solutions,” stated Jelle.

Over the years, the company has created some innovative, ground-breaking infrastructures on both land and water. Using its expertise to develop ‘flood proof’ buildings that float on water, here are just some of these referenced ‘flood proof’ projects:

  • Floating houses and villa’s
  • Floating parks
  • Floating offices
  • Floating islands
  • Floating neighbourhoods and cities
  • Floating solar
  • Floating jetties
  • Mooring structures
  • Fendering
  • Bridges

“One project worth noting is when we completed the feasibility study, engineering, supplied the floating techniques, and did the project and site management for one of the larger floating commercial buildings in the world, the floating ferry terminal in Malaysia of 6,000m2. We have also engineered the largest floating office in the world, The Floating Office Rotterdam (FOR), in which we designed the floating foundations and were the lead engineer of the project,” added Jelle.

We asked Jelle what are the benefits of choosing their company for a floating building and he answered, “We are engineering and floating building/structure experts, and have been developing floating techniques since 2004. We have extensive experience with a diverse and competent team, handling the nautical aspects (stability of these structures, calculating drift forces from waves, current and wind, etc), engineering access bridges, mooring facilities, and the buildings itself. We do this all over the world and have engineered everything from floating parks to houses, hotels, ferry terminals, and much more.”

Another sizeable construction project that Bartels & Vedder BV developed and designed the floating structures and buildings for was in Schoonschip, Amsterdam which was a project that span across four years from 2016-2020. The brief was to create a large scale floating residential area that existed of all floating villas arising in the Johan van Hasseltkanaal, a branch of the IJ-canal in Amsterdam. The floating ‘district’ called Schoonschip is now marked as one of the most sustainable floating housing projects in Europe and comprises of a total of 30 houses, 46 households and over 100 residents.

Bartels & Vedder BV involvement included the engineering of the floating foundations/cellars of 16 houses, the engineering of the mooring piles and construction of the houses, the engineering of the structural design of the houses, delivering the expertise to determine and engineer the stability and draught (depth) of the houses, to design and develop the structural drawings for building permit applications, create conceptual structural drawings for the construction of the houses, create 3D BIM structural models of four houses, as well as develop shopdrawings.

Of course, it is clear to see that Bartels & Vedder BV offer an extensive end-to-end service that comes completely unrivalled in the current market. Whether you’re needing structural calculations, 3DBIM drawings, structural advice, monitoring and guidance, or just general structural advice, Bartels & Vedder BV can help.

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