Shou Sugi Ban® Sustainable Cladding

Shou Sugi Ban® is a premium brand of charred timber cladding. It is specified when there can be no compromise on a building’s aesthetic, practical and environmental credentials.

Using a traditional Japanese wood preservation technique, we transform sustainably-sourced timbers into charred cladding. This handcrafted process boosts the natural properties of the wood. The result is a weather resistant building material that adds a stunning finish to contemporary builds and heritage renovations.

Manufactured in our Buckinghamshire workshop, Shou Sugi Ban® is shipped to residential, commercial and public projects across the UK.

Our quality timber cladding range includes:

  • Traditional textured blackened wood such as Yũkari Umi
  • Deep brushed timbers with defined grain including Larch Shiberiatora
  • Light coloured and smooth timbers like Kebony Legima.

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As an exterior finish, timber cladding enhances the thermal efficiency and sound proofing of a building. The charring process aids preservation, making Shou Sugi Ban® a low maintenance building material, that is also recyclable.

Exterior Solutions Ltd is a specialist in the manufacture and supply of Shou Sugi Ban® charred timber cladding. Please get in touch for further information, quotes and samples.

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