Innovative products to enable fixing through external wall insulation

SWIFIX was established in 2016 by Paul Brown who designed and developed a solution that allows the future of retrofit new builds and volumetric sectors a longer-term maintenance provision. In his early years, Paul started out as a plasterer who specialised in the restoration of ornamental plasterwork. 29 years ago, after being introduced to the installation of external wall insulation through working for a small Devonshire company, he built-up extensive experience working across numerous directorships within business delivering external wall insulation and decent homes maintenance, as well as gas, electrical and renewable services.

For decades the standard method of fixing items through external wall insulation has always relied on the use of timber pattresses. A pattress is a plywood or timber board fixed to the existing substrate to which equipment can be secured. Such usual equipment includes satellite dishes, washing lines, fence and gate posts, external pipe work, hanging baskets, lights and alarms, canopies, utility boxes, and signage.

After searching online for an alternative to using timber, Paul found that there was nothing cost effective designed specifically for external wall and cladding application. Therefore, he created the SWIFIX range which is an innovative simple solution that delivers a commercially beneficial alternative to timber that not only compliments the finished installation but provides a solution for retrofitting during the life span of the system.

SWIFIX products are noted as one of the most cost-effective solutions to enable the fitting of external furniture through eternal wall insulation and rain screen cladding, and are specifically designed for the job in hand. SWIFIX products come recommended from a number of leading system designers across the UK and Southern Ireland and not only protect your warranties and guarantees but are compliant with the required PAS2035 standards for quality. Our products are the most cost-effective solution for retrofitting and fixes heavier weights than any of our competitors, especially now timber pattresses are not acceptable under the new pas2035 requirements, stated Paul.


SWIFIX current product range includes connection point fittings, extension tubes, pipe connectors, rawplug fixings, satellite fitting plates, single fittings and tap fittings. All products offer a maintenance-free solution to fixing items back through external wall insulation systems, either before or after the insulation system has been installed. All SWIFIX fixings are designed to eliminate the risk of cold spots and water ingress when installing external furniture through external wall insulation which ensures that the system continues to function optimally, and the thermal efficiency of the system is maintained. Each product is manufactured in a standard material and also available in a fire-retardant material and suitable for both lightweight and heavyweight items tested in excess of 50kg.

We are always developing new products based on client requirements, and we are really pleased to announce that we are now a Tier 1 supplier to SKY for our innovative Satellite Fixing Kit through External Wall Insulation (EWI), stated Paul.

The Satellite Fixing Kit includes a new product development for securing cables, and will be available to the market soon. Within the kit is the SWIFIX Satellite Fitting Plate which is manufactured from high-quality plastics and is used for refitting a standard satellite dish through EWI without the need for timber, providing a completely watertight seal to fixings and cables. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, the plate fittings have been tested by the British Research Establishment for their strength, compression, wind and load-bearing capabilities. 

Each product within the SWIFIX range is highly robust, technically better, and unique to the market. Easy to install and maintenance free, they are the perfect choice for customers who work within Architecture, The Modern Methods of Construction Sector, Homeowners, Local Authorities and Registered Social Landlords, Contractors and Installers, and System Manufacturers. It comes as a true mark of quality, when a company has an accolade of awards and accreditations to its name.

SWIFIX has been the receiver of many well-respected awards that have not only helped to boost its reputation but have defined its credibility amongst customers and stamped its authority on the market against any competition. Such awards include Inca Innovation award winner 2021, Housing Innovation awards shortlisted 2017, Energy Efficiency Healthy Homes national awards finalist 2017, National Energy Efficiency awards 2016, Travis Perkins Innovation awards shortlisted 2016, and Architects Journal Retrofit Product Innovation award finalist 2016.

Looking ahead, we asked Paul what plans the company had for the future, he answered. We shall continue to develop our brand and suite of products for the UK decarbonisation agenda and get into the EU as they are unique to the sector and the insulation market in the EU is a lot larger than the UK.


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