Leading UK water softeners for hard-water levels

In this issue of Building & Construction Review, we are delighted to select Harvey Water Softeners for ongoing Commitment to Excellence.

We tend to only consider our water supply when the flow is adversely affected, or during hose pipe bans, but hard water levels impact the life cycle of pipes, household appliances and even our skin and hair. The hardness of water is measured in parts per million (PPM) – essentially the number of calcium and magnesium particles dissolved within it – with hard water containing upwards of 200ppm, in contrast to soft water which has considerably less. The latest research from Sheffield University also points to a link between hard water and the prevalence of skin conditions such as eczema.

Harvey Water Softeners, part of Culligan Global, is an award-winning leading UK water softener manufacturer and is helping households in hard water areas, with its extensive range of softeners, filtering systems and taps for UK and European markets. Established over forty years ago, this Made-in-Britain accredited company is based in Woking, Surrey and has been manufacturing cutting edge softeners since 2006.

We spoke to David Hall: Head of Marketing & Sales to find out more:

“Our Research and Development into water softening is what primarily sets us apart. We have a long history of innovation and ‘world-firsts,’ such as: the world’s smallest water softener, as it was then, developed in 1980 by Harvey – through to the modern day where we have the only non-electric, Wi-Fi connected water softener currently on the market.

We still retain the ‘local business’ feel with great support from Culligan Global. Our products are market leaders in those categories, with winning features such as the Smart Salt Alarm, which tells you when your salt levels are low and need topping up via audible alert and a mobile app.

With new builds, it is essential that a water softener is installed early on in the building process, due to the location of pipes and the stopcock: function before cosmetics! With the latest trend for black resin sinks with brass fittings, it is not uncommon for limescale to permanently stain the sink within weeks. We want to reach out to the homebuild & renovation market to highlight the importance of our products for soft water PPM levels and showcase our products to help optimise a unique selling point for houses.”

The Harvey Arc™ is the latest water softener to join the product line, alongside the popular HVX and Big Blue water softeners. All three models work on the same principle and are selected according to flow usage and hard water levels.

The Harvey Arc is ideal for homes with two to three bathrooms looking for everyday water softening. Precision-designed with the smallest twin-cylinder on the market, users can stay connected with the latest smart-home iLid. Connected to the MyHarveyApp, the app automatically monitors salt-levels, orders replacement salt and is linked to dedicated aftersales support. The mini curve salt blocks are lightweight and easy to load.

The Harvey Arc eliminates the magnesium and calcium through an ion exchange with the microscopic resin beads and thereby turns hard water to soft water. The minerals stay in the beads and sodium taken from the Harvey salt block completes the cycle. The salt block dissolves and the brine solution cleans the resin tanks, leaving the householder to simply remove the calcium and magnesium and flush them harmlessly down the drain.

“Our new Harvey Arc model uses 38% less plastic than previous models and overall, 62% of our plastic usage now comes from recycled sources.

The cabinet is made from recycled polypropylene (from a clean source) and that’s not all: our R&D team has also devised a waterproof recycled plastic liner for the salt blocks. This has been a painstaking task as it is food-grade salt and cannot be touched by recycled plastic. Furthermore, we have partnered with a local company to recycle old Harvey water softeners when customers wish to upgrade their models.”

Looking towards the rest of this year and beyond, Harvey is focused on providing the best home water products and services on the market to the UK, Europe and the rest of the world:

“We would love more households to benefit from water softening going forward, with further plastic waste reduction.

Commitment to Excellence is about honesty and integrity with your products, service provision, and towards your customers. We are committed to always offering honest expertise for all our customers so
they can get the best home water system possible – whether that means a softener, a tap, a filter or any combination of the three.”

Harvey Water Softeners will be at the Homebuilding and Renovating Show (22-24 September 2023) and you can see their softeners on a dealer stand at the Edenbridge & Oxted Agricultural Show (27th and
28th August 2023) and The Moreton In Marsh Show (2nd September 2023)

For further information, contact the team today for your free bespoke quote:

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