Vandecasteele Houtimport receives the VCDO certificate for the 22nd time in a row

On Thursday 15 June, Vandecasteele Houtimport received the Voka Charter Sustainable Entrepreneurship (VCDO) 2023 certificate. The certificate was awarded by Voka – Chamber of Commerce West Flanders and POM West Flanders and is a recognition for the extra sustainability efforts of the recipients . The award ceremony took place in the Staf Versluys Center in Bredene. This time, 6 companies that have already been awarded the certificate more than 15 times, were put in the spotlight for their continued efforts in the field of sustainability. Vandecasteele Houtimport are of course part of the acclaimed 6.

International reference
The recipient of the Voka Charter for Sustainable Entrepreneurship (VCDO) work daily on the inclusion of sustainability as a fully-fledged element in their strategy. To this end, they use the 17 sustainable development goals (Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs) of the United Nations as a guideline. The charter therefore has an international frame of reference.

Our companies continue to make efforts to embed sustainability in their business. We validate an organization’s sustainability efforts with the Voka Charter for Sustainable Entrepreneurship (VCDO).

At the end of last year, Vandecasteele Houtimport received the SDG Champion certificate, making us the first timber company in the world to receive these 2 awards.