New distributorship for Cinderella Eco Solution

LeeSan has become the Sole distributor for Cinderella Eco Solution incinerating toilets.

4 different toilets will be available very soon running on Propane Gas or 240V.

Cinderella Motion represents an entirely new concept for waste handling in Off-the-Grid locations, Marine craft, mobile homes and recreational vehicles. It is now possible to get rid of toilet waste in a hygienic and simple manner. The end product is just clean ash. The toilet may be used around 70 times before emptying is required. Cinderella Motion is a further development of the popular Cinderella incineration toilet currently installed by over 60,000 users worldwide.

An incineration toilet is a toilet in which waste products, urine and excrement, are incinerated at a high temperature, leaving only an insignificant amount of ash.

Available around the world for decades, incineration toilets are a commonly used alternative in mountain cabins, remote areas, tiny homes, off-grid structures and other residential and commercial applications without easy access to public utilities.

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