Innovation from the ground up

If you are specifying a stormwater system, it pays to consult Tubosider. We are the leading UK manufacturer of corrugated steel pipe for WRc approved stormwater management and attenuation tank systems, culverts and tunnels.

Our products provide an infinite variety of layouts. That means you get a simpler, more flexible, storm water solution with less waste, less cost to you and an installation that’s often just a simple pipe-laying exercise.

Why choose a steel system?
The versatility and strength of steel makes it an obvious choice when compared to concrete or plastic systems. Our steel systems can be precisely engineered and the finished product fabricated to exact specifications.

The loadbearing capabilities of our products mean they are compliant to Highways Agency Standard BD12, with a minimum design life of 60 years. We can design in a greater steel thickness or with Trenchcoat Polymer Secondary Coating to give you a system with up to 120 years’ design life or for an aggressive environment.

We recognise that our customers are required to provide increasingly more sustainable and ecologically sound solutions on site. Our pipes are made from 25% recycled steel, and our attenuation tanks are 100% recyclable. You won’t find that level of sustainability with a plastic or concrete system.

Value engineered
Our WRc certified Singlestore and patented Twinstore attenuation systems are used in construction projects across the UK. You can rely on our tanks to provide better value than a cellular crate system. Time and again our systems require fewer manholes and less underground pipework saving time and money.

As a minimum, we can reduce the number of manholes required for a crate system by two, and normally many more. Plus, installing one of our conventional tanks often means that you can use a full retention separator, providing a further cost saving.

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