Over 25 years of engineering excellence

Building and Construction Review has selected GLW Engineering and Construction as the recipient of our Building Excellence Award. GLW Engineering was first established in 1992 as Joe Bloggs Engineering by Geoff White and his business partner. After they parted ways, Geoff and his wife continued running the business, which became known as GLW Engineering in 1997. Previously based in Wisbech for 14 years, they are currently based in March, East Anglia, where they have now resided for six years. The company prides itself on being a construction industry specialist, celebrating over 25 years of business and extensive engineering experience and expertise.

Operating in an extensive range of areas, GLW Engineering can provide staircases, handrails, platform, structural steelwork, shot blasting, sand blasting, and soda blasting, with the recent addition of powder coating to their comprehensive array of services; they are now able to powder coat aluminium, mild steel, galvanised steel, and stainless steel. What’s more, GLW Engineering can consult with their clients regarding bespoke requirements, creating one off solutions which are tailored to a customer’s needs.

“Our clients range from single self-builders, larger companies, and contractors,” said Geoff White, Managing Director. “We are a well-established company, and I am delighted to say we offer flexibility, time efficiency and the ability to provide competitive prices that are suitable for all clients. We are also proud to say that we have completed many projects and have gained a trustworthy reputation with all of our previous clients and customers. Some of these previous projects include metal railings, canopies, steel staircases, a bicycle park, silos and bins, steel gates, grilles, trolleys, benches, steel building framework, handrails, and balustrades, all of which can be accessed on the portfolio section of our website. We offer custom build steel fabrications, and offer a fantastic design service working to clients’ specifications.

“Customer service is at the heart of the company,” said Geoff, “which is why we offer many bespoke products and services. We are proud to say that we use 3D CAD design facilities and have experts in all areas of our work. GLW Engineering specialises in custom build objects in mild steel, aluminium and stainless steel, which are built to an excellent and very high standard in our modernised workshop area. The company has many years of experience in the design, manufacture and installation of fabrications, and our staff are trained to the core in their specialised sectors, as well as giving friendly, efficient and professional services to all clients.”

One of the company’s most highly sought after services is shot blasting, which prepares steel work for a protective coating to be applied. “It is best described as preparing the surface of a part for coating by removing surface contaminants, which creates a surface profile for increased coating adhesion,” explained Geoff.

Their soda blasting technology is suitable for cleaning timber, wood, oak beams, oak floors, doors, stairs and bannisters, cars, boat hulls, masonry, food processing equipment, and structural steel. It will efficiently remove and clean multi-layered surfaces right down to the base, eliminating the need for toxic chemicals, scraping, sanding, or abrasive blasting. Soda blasting is safe to use on metal, fibreglass, glass, chrome, rubber, and trim, and can degrease and remove paint without damaging or distorting metal.

We had the pleasure of speaking to Geoff about what makes GLW Engineering stand out from the competition. “We are a family-run business, offering quality as well as quantity. We are always proud of what we do and have a passion to continue doing it well into the future. Our main goal is to maintain our high quality services and to strive for longevity.

“A key advantage of GLW Engineering is the fact that we don’t specialise in one thing, meaning we are always busy. We can offer engineering excellence in a large range of areas while consistently focusing on quality and a passion for what we do. In our eyes, the customer always has to come first, and so our service is second to none.”

Certainly, it seems that the only way is up for GLW Engineering. After moving to new workshops six years ago to accommodate their growing trade, the company is now running out of space and looking to expand again due to an ever-increasing customer base. If you would like to find out more information on GLW Engineering’s full range of services, head to their website where free quotes are available upon request. Alternatively, you can contact the company using the details below.

T +44 (0)1945 464637