Shelving specialist calls for random acts of kindness nominations as it turns HQ into UK’s largest advent calendar

The UK’s leading shelving specialist has created the country’s largest advent calendar and is celebrating the festive season with a new random act of kindness each day. The company is decorating its Gloucester headquarters with a 40 metre bow and festive-themed window displays to highlight its Christmas countdown, and is encouraging members of the public to nominate friends and family members to be recipients of kind gestures throughout December.

The UK’s leading shelving and racking company has transformed its offices into the UK’s largest advent calendar, and is counting down to Christmas with random acts of kindness.

To celebrate the countdown, e-commerce company BiGDUG, has wrapped its Gloucester headquarters in a 40-metre bow and installed festive-themed window displays set to illuminate each day, signifying a new act of kindness every day throughout December.

The company is calling for people to nominate deserving friends and family for their own unique act of kindness in one of the advent slots leading up to Christmas Day. People can nominate here:

The first five random acts of kindness have been chosen for a selection of individuals and charities in areas across the country, including charitable donations, financial aid and gifts to people in need.

Each kind gesture completed will be recorded on the BiGDUG website, and shared on its social channels with the aim of inspiring others to pledge acts of kindness of their own. People can follow the campaign on and encourage people to nominate others by following the #BiGXmasKindness on social media.

The campaign is the brainchild of BiGDUG marketing manager Luke Cameron, who was dubbed the ‘Nicest Man in Britain’ in 2014 after completing 365 days of good deeds.

BiGDUG is the UK’s leading e-commerce storage supplier, providing shelving, racking, workplace products and packaging to consumers and businesses across the UK.

Luke Cameron, Marketing Manager at BiGDUG, commented, “Christmas is a very special time of year for us and advent calendars are a big part of the excitement. That’s why we’ve created the UK’s largest advent calendar. It’s all part of our efforts to give back to our loyal customers and their communities throughout December – whether that’s a monetary gift, donating to local charities or helping people for whom Christmas might be a difficult time of year.

“The festive season is a time for giving and sharing with those around us. Not only do we hope that our Christmas advent calendar will benefit members of the public across the country, we also hope it will encourage people to pledge acts of kindness of their own. If you know someone who could use a boost this festive season, please do get in touch.”

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