Tenmat: UK leaders in Passive Fire Protection

The Tenmat name first came about in the 80s, but the factory site in Manchester has been operating since 1914. Tenmat manufacture a huge range of advanced and safety critical composite components that are used within a wide range of global applications found within rail, marine, automotive, high temperature as well as the fire protection and construction industries.

We spoke to Business Manager, Chris Thompson about what Tenmat can offer, to which he explained, “At Tenmat, we specialise in manufacturing advanced materials and components that provide industry leading performance to many of the most safety critical industrial applications. Our materials and components can be used in everything from the automotive to the marine sector, engineering, renewables, rail and more, though our main area of expertise is in fire protection.”

One of Tenmat’s most highly sought after solutions are included in their passive fire protection range. These specially designed intumescent materials can be installed within doors, windows, walls, ceilings and floors in order to limit the passage of fire and smoke, effectively containing a fire to one room or fire compartment. They work by expanding rapidly in the presence of high temperatures, sealing off any potential route for fire to spread. All of Tenmat’s fire protection products are third party tested and in-house quality checked.

After recent testing, it was confirmed that Tenmat’s intumescent materials are also Low Smoke and Zero Halogen. This means that when in a fire, the materials will give off significantly less smoke than other competitive materials and as they are Zero Halogen, they will not emit toxic halogen gases.

Not only that, but Tenmat can also provide firestopping solutions for electrical and ventilation penetrations fitted within Metal Web Joist Floor Systems that have recently been fire tested too. Chris added, “Our innovative range of fire protection solutions ensure that any holes made into the ceiling to install downlights, air valves or ceiling fans are suitably firestopped to prevent the fire from entering the floor cavity and spreading from one floor of the building to the next. This, we believe, is an industry first in the UK for providing specifically tested firestop solutions for use within Metal Web Joist Floor Systems.”

Going into the future, Tenmat have doubled their fire testing budget and as such will be investing further into existing and new fire protection solutions. If you would like to take advantage of Tenmat’s many components and materials, don’t hesitate to get in contact today. Alternatively, you can find out more information by checking out the website below.

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