Terrific timber from the heart of Lincolnshire

We are pleased to announce that George Barnsdale has received Building and Construction Reviews Commitment to Excellence Award.

Founded in 1884, George Barnsdale is a family run business manufacturing high-performance timber windows and doors in Donington, Lincolnshire. It offers a nationwide project management and installation service for commercial contract projects and has a network of approved partners for domestic customers.

George Barnsdale specialises in Timber fenestration for listed buildings, traditional style new builds and contemporary new builds and replacements. Passivhaus can also be achieved for greater energy efficiency.

George Barnsdale prides itself on producing a premium product, with natural quality and performance being at the heart of its procurement and manufacturing process. What helps to bring its high-performance commitment to timber windows and glass door quality, is the company’s high levels of customisation available throughout the design process.

Its products are fully customisable which means customers can more accurately replicate their original windows or doors, which in turn help customers meet conservation office requirements. It has one of the largest banks of acoustic and thermal test data in the industry meaning it understands the impact of every design detail on the whole window’s performance.

Most manufacturers only state the centre pane glass performance but George Barnsdale test and report on the whole window and performance. George Barnsdale has been busy working on new projects and its latest innovation, although it hasn’t quite launched yet, is a bottom hung bi-fold doorset. This caters for buildings that are not structurally able to support the usual top hung versions such as oak framed buildings due to movement of timber beams.

And the innovation doesn’t stop there, George Barnsdale also has an excellent vacuum glazing system that looks like single glazing but is as efficient as triple glazing and doesn’t require an unsightly plug. “We use Fineo which delivers amazing energy performance combined with exceptional thermal insulation and extreme durability. The unit has superb noise reduction, harnesses more free solar energy and is 100% recyclable and lead free.” Said Tracy Pomfret, Head of Marketing.

With innovative solutions in its DNA, George Barnsdale’s main target customers range from builders, contractors, developers, homeowners, and self-builders. Being industry leaders in timber windows since 1884, George Barnsdale calls for developers, contractors, and architects to adopt an open-minded approach to modern high performance timber fenestration. Lasting longer than uPVC, each design is not just aesthetically pleasing but delivers Passivhaus performance levels and can be used in multiple projects.

George Barnsdale has bounced back well from COVID-19, particularly in the domestic channel as more homeowners have invested in their homes. Supply and demand is concerning but George Barnsdale has been working closely with its partners to ensure the continuity of its supply.

Looking to the future, further investment has been made in the factory finishing area and into new product development. Its current project working with Vastern Timber is being used to test homegrown timber in the company’s products. Contract and installation project work will continue to expand outside of London.

“We would also like to do more contemporary work with Passivhaus type projects, and we anticipate that timber will increase in popularity because without it, construction will never achieve NetZero.” States Tracy.

Through the quality of its products, the passion of its team and the knowledge and experience it possesses , George Barnsdale can supply and support you for the duration of your build.

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