The best mud control product on the market

Here at Building and Construction Review, we are proud to announce Mudcontrol Ltd as the recipient of our Commitment to Outdoor Building Services Award.

Mudcontrol Ltd is dedicated to supplying top quality, ecologically-sound 100% recycled plastic products. Comprised of a small, dedicated team, Mudcontrol Ltd is based near Kettering, Northants and distributes from its central hub in Northampton to the whole of the UK, selling direct to customers.

Established in the UK in 2018, Mudcontrol Ltd also has a sister company based in Belgium, Mudcontrol BE, offering the same products and service. Mudcontrol Ltd provides recycled plastic products, including its revolutionary Mudcontrol slab and ecologically sound fencing products, to multiple individuals and industries across the UK.

With five-star reviews across the board, Mudcontrol Ltd is known for its top class products, excellent customer service and attention to detail, a fact its customers openly attest to.

As sole UK distributors for the Mudcontrol slabs, a national pallet delivery network is used to deliver anywhere within the UK, usually within a few working days. There is no minimum order, and pallets of up to 140 slabs can be delivered at any one time.

But what makes Mudcontrol slabs so good?
Mudcontrol slabs are a professional system for gateways, paddocks, pathways, parking areas, gardens, tracks, storage areas, driveways and commercial areas. Their unique patented design ensures they will give you a good solid footing through any weather. Mudcontrol slabs are a simple D.I.Y way to create instant, removable hard-standing areas for people, animals and vehicles. They interlink with no moving parts, can be driven over by farm traffic, have been thoroughly certified to withhold over 60 tonne of weight, and are a proven solution for problem areas, providing the sub-base and base in one easy D.I.Y. step.

Furthermore, they come with a 20-year warranty, and are a solid investment as they are removable so they can be used again and again or can be left in one place indefinitely to form a permanent hard-standing area (which will allow grass to grow through if installed without a membrane).

Mudcontrol slabs have the added benefit of being ecologically sound and free-draining.

“Our products are made from sustainable recycled materials and will outlast alternatives by many years. We are a dedicated team and are able to deliver a fast and efficient service to all” stated James, UK Sales.

Anyone who has a mud problem of any size is catered for by Mudcontrol Ltd. Mudcontrol slabs have a plethora of benefits over concrete; previously concrete has often been the first option when it comes to surfacing a yard, drive or pathway. However, concrete production has a strong impact on the environment and can cause damage to the fertile layer of the earth, the topsoil, and because of its impermeable surface, there is no run-off point eventually causing more flooding problems, soil erosion and water pollution.

Mudcontrol slabs are a one-time purchase, can be laid and re-laid and can be taken with you wherever you go.

They adapt to all areas and surfaces, and because they are made from recycled household plastics made into a Playground Certified material, their unique construction means they stabilise and improve the ground beneath without causing any unwanted run off or exacerbating soil erosion.

They are easy to lay (with minimal or no ground preparation), weighing 7kg each (at 50cm square), very user friendly, and as they are a removable solution, planning permission may not be required, although Mudcontrol recommends checking with your local authority in any case.
Alongside slabs, Mudcontrol Ltd also provides fencing products which are available in many different sizes and lengths as round or square posts, rails, beams, sleepers, piles and sheets. Made from 100% recycled plastic HANIT® material, just like the slabs, they are 100% rot proof and unpalatable. They can be used just like a wooden product, be installed by hand or by machine, then stapled, drilled, and screwed or nailed into. They will never need treating and will never rot. Over 15 million of the posts have been sold worldwide. Just like the slabs, the fencing products are covered by a 20-year warranty.

The effects of COVID-19 have been minimal on the business, allowing it to keep growing during the pandemic. Mudcontrol Ltd manages contactless ordering and deliveries, keeping staff and clients safe and happy at all times. In the coming months, Mudcontrol Ltd will be adding to its product range as expansion is on the horizon for all areas of the company, so the business can keep up with the huge demand from its customers.

Whether you are looking to cover an area big or small, stop that sinking feeling, and get in touch with Mudcontrol Ltd today.

For more information, please see below.

Kerry: 07941 961496
James: 07826 398096
Landline: 01536 669630