The only company in the UK to have served our current Monarch and a King of England with crowd barriers

From Crowd Barriers to Police Met Barriers, Red Herring Event Services Ltd (Red Herring) provide a range of fencing solutions for any local to large-scale event or festival. With previous customers being MSV Donington Park, Leicester City Council, LPH Concerts & Events, Live Nation (Music) UK Ltd, The X Factor, Formula E Operations Ltd and many more, Red Herring is well-known in its field and is trusted as one of the best and most reliable fencing companies in the UK.

The company was established in December 2006 by Charles Herring who whilst working for a scaffold company during the years of 1985-2006, started doing events for Leicester City Council. He put on his first major event in 1989 for the council and because of this, his outstanding work did not go unnoticed.

Following a redundancy from the scaffold company (21 years’ service), Charles was offered to buy the fencing and barriers from the scaffold company to start his own venture. Taking them up on the offer, Charles took it upon himself to start his own business and in 2006 Red Herring Event Services Ltd was born.

The company has focused mainly on fencing and barriers, building a portfolio of products tailored to the customers requirements that guaranteed the short term, safe, efficient and cost-effective perimeter solutions they required. The company now stock a number of fencing solutions including Crowd Control Barriers 2.3m, Steel Shield Hoarding 2.1m, Temporary Fencing 3.5m, and Police Met Barriers 1.5m.
For large scale, prestigious events Police Met Barriers are the ideal solution to ensure all safety procedures are met. The galvanised steel barriers ensure the safety of the public as well as being a useful tool to guide them to their designated areas. Even though they are large and bulky, the Red Herring team are trained to carry out a fast and efficient assemble and disassemble of the barriers whilst keeping safety as the number one priority.

Of course, there is always people who try to climb the fences particularly at festivals. So to combat this issue, Red Herring can provide 3.5m x 2m Anti Climb Temporary Fencing that is made up of anti-climb modular mesh and has proven very popular at such events. Manufactured to the latest state-of-the-art technology, customers also have the choice of a number of different stabilisers to ensure the reliability and quality that they need.

Red Herring is based at Charles’ home office in Lincolnshire but the company operates all across the UK, “distance is no object. What we can offer over our competitors is that we provide a full service from the initial quote to the disassembling of the equipment after the event. We have a team of trained experts who will deliver, assemble and disassemble all equipment and are available as the client’s single point of contact throughout. We are able to offer a competitive price as our overheads are very minimal and one of the main benefits of our services is that unlike other companies who will need to hire the equipment they loan out, we own all of our equipment so this negates any waiting times and means we can deliver, assemble and disassemble everything for you in a quick, efficient and safe manner. We only use our own moffetts to load and unload artic lorries, and use them on site locations instead of using telehandlers. We are available 7 days a week, the event industry isn’t a 9 to 5 job anymore, work long hours and can handle multiple jobs a day,” stated Charles.

It is clear to see that Red Herring is a trusted company within the event sector and can be relied upon even for a last-minute job. In the future, the company will be looking to capitalise on the good weather and remain active across the events sector throughout the British Summer. There is scope to bring in 10.5km of fencing and 3.5km of crowd control barriers, that will also be very useful for large scale events.

If you’re looking for any fencing and barriers for your large- or small-scale event, please get in touch below for immediate service. We will go where the job needs to go, no job is too small.

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