Waterjet cutting design and fabrication with both style and substance

In this issue of Building and Construction Review, we have chosen to recommend Southside Waterjet Limited for its amazing bespoke Waterjet cutting facilities, perfect for both residential and commercial projects.

Southside Waterjet Ltd is a fabrication company that trades in new perspectives, a place dedicated to providing an innovative service a cut above the rest. Waterjet cutting is at the leading edge of material CAD technology, offering unparalleled precision with endless creative possibilities. Its service lends itself to decisive and visionary clients who are ready to cut through in their industry.

Founded in 2012, and situated on the south side of the River Thames, Southside Waterjet is a family-friendly run fabrication company dedicated to an innovative approach. The company believes in exceptional design and attention to detail, and as well as waterjet cutting, Southside Waterjet Ltd also specialises in architectural solutions, visual design, CAD (computer-aided design) drawing and proline templating.

Southside Waterjet has a proud reputation firmly built on quality, reliability and with a completely fresh approach to the trade, the company has become a leading name in its industry favoured by architects, interior designers, contractors and customers across the UK. It is made up of a small but dedicated team of professionals who have decades of experience in custom fabrication techniques that ensure that quality is never compromised.

Waterjet cutting has many advantages, in that it can be faster, cheaper and more precise than other cutting techniques, including laser cutting, for a wide variety of materials. It also boasts unparalleled accuracy, up to 0.01mm, and can cut up to 12” of most materials, including stone, ceramics, metal, glass, wood, composites, and rubber.

Southside Waterjet Managing Director Peter Noyce explained, “our work all starts with ordinary tap water, filtered and pressurised in an Ultra High-Pressure pump, then delivered via high-pressure tubes to the water jet cutting head. A small diameter orifice will concentrate the water beam and the pressure turns into velocity. The supersonic water beam cuts all kinds of soft material like plastic, foam, rubber and wood. This process is called Pure Water Jet cutting. To increase the cutting power, grains of an abrasive are added to the stream and the water beam turns into high-speed liquid sandpaper cutting all kinds of hard materials like stone, glass, metal and composites. This process is called Abrasive Water Jet cutting.”

The company uses a pair of Waterjet Sweden’s NC30 machines and two HP pumps, meaning that it has full production capacity or the flexibility to keep one table for more bespoke applications. All work is undertaken at Southside’s own on-site fabrication facilities, meaning that projects can be completed usually in 7-10 days.
Peter further commented, “Our service lends itself to decisive and visionary clients who are ready to really cut through in their industry, and we undertake both Residential and Commercial projects.” Regarding Residential projects, Southside Waterjet has the capabilities to fabricate everything required to bring a dream home to life. Customised flooring and wall coverings, luxurious worktops and splash backs, bathrooms, wet rooms and vanities, bespoke furniture and artwork, outdoor kitchens and much more.

The other side of the company work is that of Commercial projects, and Southside successfully wins contracts with large numbers of contractors, architects, designers and stone and tile distributors. It fabricates materials to their exacting requirements creating architectural solutions, bespoke and customised wall, floor and staircase designs, furniture trends and swimming pool solutions. It also produces branding, signage and fit-out solutions for the retail, leisure and hospitality sectors.

A recent Commercial project undertaken was to play a role in the refurbishment of the Members’ Brasserie at The All England Lawn Tennis Club in Wimbledon. Southside Waterjet fabricated the new decorative marble flooring and staircases to give the space a high-end finish and create a sense of occasion, befitting the renowned Club.
Peter concluded, “We understand that sometimes customers may require a bespoke design and fabrication service. No matter what form these design ideas are in, we are constantly experimenting with new ways to inspire customers to take a second look.” These new ways include the aforementioned CAD rendering and technical drawings, digital templating and digital slab creation – Southside’s skilled team can seamlessly transform any ideas into a one of a kind project.

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