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Barnshaws’ history dates back to 1969 when the company enjoyed an early rapid success in fulfilling a big demand for general engineering products such as duct rings and flanges for ventilation, air conditioning and dust control. Once located in a small rented factory in Oldbury, just north of Birmingham, of which it has inevitably outgrown, Barnshaws has now evolved into a multi-location company with five manufacturing sites in the UK across the Midlands, Manchester, and Hamilton, and one in Poland.

“Over the years, market demand has changed and we now offer a full bending capacity in a wide range of sections and materials to fulfil our customers’ requirements. Barnshaws Metal Bending has the largest capacity range in the world and over the years we have grown to be a key supplier to the construction, architecture and engineering sectors,” stated Greg North, Commercial Director. Furthermore, Barnshaws was also the first European bending company to achieve CE/UKCA marking combined with continual investment in state-of-the-art machinery which has kept its name at the forefront of bending technology.

No matter how big or small your project may be, Barnshaws Metal Bending will be able to offer you a solution. With all the capabilities to suit your needs, Barnshaws have the technology to not only curve tighter and more intricate sections than many of its competitors but because of its extensive years of R&D, the expertise within its architectural and engineering departments enable the company to design buildings that transcend flair, imagination and innovation.

Whether you’re looking for a high-volume standardised product to meet demanding timescale and logistical schedules or a one-off bespoke component, Barnshaws’ ‘customer first’ approach combines both successful long-term relationships with an unrivalled level of trust that only yields exceptional results.

Greg mentioned a specific service available that is designed to combat current industry demands. “Even though we are the world’s most capable metal bending company, our ambition remains undiminished, as we aim to meet ever more challenging project demands, irrespective of scale, anywhere in the world. With the advancement of new material grades in higher strength steel, Barnshaws have the capability to bend these sections. We are always engaged in a constant self-evaluation process to ensure that our administrative, manufacturing, technical and logistical capabilities remain at the cutting edge.”

As a company that is constantly re-investing in new technology to ensure it offers a complete bending service, Barnshaws have the capabilities to inject its innovation and creativity into the vastest range of projects, particularly for the construction industry.

In July 2022, Barnshaws was called upon to contribute towards the build of the new Sandwell Aquatics Centre in Smethwick. It was a vast project that was seen on a world stage as it was built to coincide with the 2022 Commonwealth Games. The metal bending experts at Barnshaws Section Benders were asked by Billingham Structures Ltd to deliver a high-quantity of precision curved SHS sections for a structure roof made out of nearly 400 tonnes of square hollow section (SHS). Utilising its extensive selection of specialist bending machines operated by metal bending experts, this was easily achieved. “Our internal research and development team was able to originate an innovative design that minimised the additional length across all the SHS. This reduced wastage and provided more value,” said Greg.

As the go-to company for large, complex structural bending, also in July 2022, Barnshaws completed was to support one of the UK’s most innovative and sustainable buildings in New Bailey, Salford. Barnshaws produced multiple curved sections and porthole beams for Evadx Limited that had been precisely bent to match the contemporary décor of the building’s façade accurately and within schedule. Greg added, “Incorporating more nature into the urban design is critical to cities’ sustainable futures. We are extremely proud that Barnshaws is taking part in this kind of development and we are looking forward to do more projects like New Bailey.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Barnshaws continued metal bending service for essential sectors “We remained in line with UK government guidance. Since, we have changed our practices to ensure we can continue to provide metal bending services in key sectors. This included precision-curved structural steel that helped, and still helps, to build important facilities such as hospitals and architectural infrastructure and metalwork that are vital to a building’s construction like curved facades, roof members, circular frames, multi radius section bends, beam cambering, helical and spiral staircase stringers, handrails and treads,” said Greg.

Through its own evolution and innovation, Barnshaws will always remain the construction industry’s number one choice for Metal Bending. Its ability to roll beams and columns about their major axis has enabled structural steelwork engineers to design structures curved in plan and elevation for years.

As members of a plethora of professional bodies including British Constructional Steelwork Association, RQSC, SCI, CAB, BSSA, and JOSCAR registered, customers can be assured they are receiving the best service in the industry. In closing, Greg added, “we have a very skilled and experienced sales team that are keen and willing to discuss any project that requires bending. This can be done via email, telephone or face to face visit. Please do not hesitate to get in touch.”

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