Quality bespoke joinery – crafted to perfection

Bluerun manufactures quality, bespoke joinery items and everything is made to order, nothing is ‘off the shelf.’

If you’re looking for items made from both hard and softwood or even veneered and painted panels, Bluerun can reproduce an array of items including replacement sashes, where it can manufacture a brand new one on a like for like basis, so the mouldings will match.

Bluerun only produce purpose made joinery to client’s drawings and specifications. Its unrivalled level of customer services means that free quotations are normally provided within 2-3 days or less, and the company can usually deliver a quick turnaround of any manufactured items required. And, because it has an experienced spray operative in charge of a modern spray paint and lacquer facility, articles can leave the factory in a fully finished state, ready for installation on-site.

What really sets Bluerun apart is that since its establishment it has never used computer aided machinery for any designs. Crafted to perfection, all items are finished by hand, drawings are prepared with pencil and paper, and everything that is manufactured by the team has been done so with the utmost attention to detail.

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