Service Sealing Solutions Ltd enters its fifth year of rapid success

Building and Construction Review is delighted to announce Service Sealing Solutions Ltd as the winners of our 2023 New Year Spotlight Award.

Service Sealing Solutions Ltd is the sole UK distributor for the sealing industry’s top manufacturers; DOYMA and HKD. It was when DOYMA granted Tina McAra, company director, the exclusive rights to distribute their products in the UK in August 2018, that led to the formation of Service Sealing Solutions Ltd.

With seven years of experience as a Technical Sales Engineer for the previous UK DOYMA distributor in her skill set, Tina grabbed the opportunity to contact DOYMA in Germany to ask whether she could take on the distribution in the UK. DOYMA were pleased to hear this as no-one else in the UK had the knowledge about their products that Tina had, therefore, DOYMA granted Service Sealing Solutions Ltd exclusivity in the UK.

Service Sealing Solutions Ltd specialises in providing the best in German engineering to seal penetration points in walls and floors to permanently prevent any infiltration of gases and water into the building. The products are designed to solve all watertight duct sealing requirements and prevent against structural damage.

Tina commented, “We provide DOYMA’s products mostly to builders of commercial properties and we have provided for many of the large projects in London including HS2 and Kings Cross. Quite often services and electrics are installed underground and therefore have to have guaranteed water tightness.”

Based out of Shropshire, Service Sealing Solutions Ltd has a UK wide customer base and works hard to distribute a high number of different products especially for DOYMA. Marked not just a distributor, the company also covers every aspect of a project, required by the contractor. Tina continued, “When you are planning a build, it is easy to forget the little details that make sure your building stands the test of time. Correct sealing can help keep the building’s utilities accessible, making any maintenance easier to complete with little disruption. Service sealing systems also prevent structural damage because wherever service ducts are installed through walls, ceilings or doors, penetrating water may cause damage to buildings.”

Demanding building types, such as power plants, large industrial plants, reservoirs or airports, often require highly specialised custom-made constructions. They place high demands on the fact that building penetrations such as cables and pipe work, need to be permanently sealed. Through working with DOYMA, Service Sealing Solutions Ltd is able to provide bespoke sealing answers to many different problems.

DOYMA has the expertise and experience of over 50 years to develop and produce the best solution for your building or project. State-of the-art design and manufacturing methods as well as professional simulation methods will help to ensure safety when using special constructions, and all with an unrivalled 25-year warranty. Being the sole UK distributor for these products, Service Sealing Solutions Ltd is perfectly placed to guide contractors, developers or anyone involved in the building and construction industry through the relevant resources.

The majority of the products distributed by the company are gaskets, which seal holes in basements and cellars. These mechanical fixing products are a far superior version of expanding foam and are used by the commercial market in homes and buildings to guarantee excellence.

Service Sealing Solutions Ltd also distribute puddle flanges produced by FRANK, and these provide assured watertight sealing of pipes through concrete walls, foundation plates and manholes. The FRANK puddle flange is an extremely flexible product available in a range of versions, and can be installed during construction and is the cost-effective alternative to conventional sealing systems.

In terms of new developments, DOYMA has recently released its new generation Curaflex Nova® gaskets – professional solutions for tradesman with uniquely safe installation. Providing tradesmen with professional gasket inserts, the new generation of Curaflex Nova® gasket inserts instantly solves sealing problems and is adaptable for multiple applications.

With other distributors providing similar products, what makes Service Sealing Solutions Ltd stand out? Because it only uses the very best in German engineering, the company’s expertise, experience and willingness to go the extra mile for every customer means it really doesn’t have to work all that hard to remain competitive. The aforementioned 25-year guarantee is a very important aspect of all its services, and cannot be matched by competitors. Combine that with its years of experience in the industry which allows them to consistently deliver on every level to the customers exact requirements means they are a distributor you can thoroughly trust.

Over the last 18 months the Global District Heating Market has rapidly increased compared to previous years and now meets nearly 8% of the global final heating need in buildings and industry. Witnessing this growth, Service Sealing Solutions Ltd is keen to explore this market. “For 2023 we will mostly be continuing on our recent success as well as looking at new markets such as the district heating market, which is a big and growing area for us,” stated Tina.
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